Higher Brain Living is a revolutionary and leading-edge program for rapid human development and transformation. Higher Brain Living ignites and awakens latent, organic energy in your body so that more highly evolved structures in the brain can begin to function. When higher structures in the brain become active, and increased access to consciousness is gained, shadow areas in your life are easily observed to be modified, and an awakening to the soul’s purpose is identified. Stress, anxiety, worry, all become things of the past and are replaced with a life full of joy, abundance, confidence, and passion. The brain no longer processes the world to survive, it processes the world to evolve and thrive. Higher Brain Living is a process of complete transformation in this lifetime and is coupled with the work of Dr. Michael Cotton’s Source Code.

Meditation to experience and embody the states of enlightenment and our eternal nature. Please see www.sourcecodemeditation.com for more information.