Eric A. Smith Chiropractic has been serving Colorado patients for 20 years and was founded for the purpose of helping people live a more pain free and productive life.  Since that time, Chiropractic care and technology have grown closer together where, in addition to adjustment care, there has emerged a less manipulative approach to correcting the Upper Cervical region of the spine:  The Atlas Orthogonal Technique.  In addition, patients experience the state of the art ARPwave direct electrical current therapy, the PulStarFras adjusting instrument, and the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.  Eric A. Smith Chiropractic is now proudly offering Higher Brain Living and Source Code Meditation (9 Summits of Transformation) which is regarded as the future and evolution of consciousness, culture, and the human species.  

"To serve the community with the best healthcare possible & to change the consciousness & culture of humanity"




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Dr. Eric A. Smith


Dr. Eric A. Smith DC obtained his Bachelor’s of Biological Sciences and Human Anatomy at Colorado State University and obtained his Degree of Chiropractic at Palmer College.  As a founding member of the New Human University and with 20 years of experience, Dr. Smith is more than qualified to perform any procedures to match your needs. Dr. Smith is a loving father to Madison and Dylan and when he is not working, he enjoys playing golf, exercising, and meditating. 


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